DRITTA, founded by Fabian Gass in 2021, is a nano roastery based in Uster, the third largest city in the canton of Zürich. DRITTA is about sincerity, commitment, and understanding. About quality, sustainability, and supply chain transparency.
In our neck of the woods, coffee is not essential but a luxury. But for millions of people around the globe, coffee is both livelihood and main income, oftentimes for generations. This is why, at DRITTA, we are personally and collectively aware of our responsibility and obligation. We are committed to the daily practice of educating ourselves and to continually and critically analyzing our language, processes, and intentions. 
Our aim is to collaborate with select farmers and logistic and import partners whom we trust, and to handle the goods they’ve grown, created, handled, transported and delivered with the outmost care and to the best of our knowledge. We are proud to say that we’ve been creating longstanding relationships with several associates in various origin countries for many years. We appreciate their integrity and expertise tremendously. Here, in Uster, we wish to share not only the quality of the end product but also a more comprehensive understanding about coffee with all its fascinating stories and contexts.