Fabian is gracious for the initial experiences and insights he was able to gain through his roles as Country Manager at Berlin-based Coffee Circle as well as Roast Master and Quality Controller at Henauer Kaffee.Both these stintslead him to pursue and complete the Certificate of Advanced Studies in The Science and Art of Coffee at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). After graduating, Fabian relocated to Hamburg to run the quality department of InterAmerican Coffee (an affiliate of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe) and to visit various origin countries on their behalf. After returning to his native Switzerland, Fabian managed the roastery of Vicafe in Zürich until mid 2020.

He is licensed as a Q Arabica Grader and Q Processing Generalist by the internationally recognized Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), a non-profit based in Southern California. But it is his longstanding and daily relationship with coffee and his peers that have made Fabian grow into a well-versed and profoundly committed expert in the fields of specialty and commercial coffees. He’s also regularly on the juries of coffee competitions and has participated himself. In 2016 Fabian roasted the coffees for the three winners of the Swiss Barista Championship.